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Three Reasons To Get Excited About The Word Of God In 2017

Kingdom Warriors get excited about the Word of God in 2017! Be hungry for the Word, let it shape and change you, and experience the love of the father who wrote it all for you.

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Realising The True Heart of Worship in Your Life

Jesus is not looking for perfect worship, He is looking for hearts that are turned toward Him.

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Surviving the Lion’s Den: Trusting God through Hard Times

Learning to Trust in God through Hard Times. Your Endurance Enables His Triumph.

Proverbs 16:3 Commit to The Lord He Will Establish Your Plans

Strengthen Your New Year’s Resolutions with Wisdom from the Proverbs

Plan, Learn, Commit.


3 Fantastic Christmas Gifts Money Can’t Buy

I love presents! Christmas morning awakens the child within me. There is a little thrill tucked inside the wrapping paper and I just can’t wait to set it free! What will you and I receive this year? Only time will tell. But more to the point, what gifts will we give this year? This year…

James 1:3 The testing of your faith produces patience

Secrets to Great Faith: Patience

My knees begin to wobble with each passing step. Up and up we climb. Head down and breathing heavily, the rock steps appear to continue upwards endlessly. My mind, once filled with ambition to pursue the summit, is now clouded with the physical difficulty of each passing step. Doubt creeps into my thoughts, is it…



It’s not easy. In reality it’s downright hard! The call to be peacemakers is not one that we are eager to embrace. When we have been hurt, vengeance and hatred seem to come more naturally and feel much more justified. Yet these do not reflect the character of our father in heaven. One reason we find…


The Heavens Declare

I couldn’t help but pause to admire the scene. The sun, gently slipping below the horizon as though it was tucking itself into bed at the end of a long day. A blaze of magnificent colour streaming across the sky as if to say “goodnight and sweet dreams” as the peace of nightfall settled over…