God’s Prayer Language

Do you ever feel lost for words when you sit down to pray? A feeling of anxiety can grow in us if we feel as though the words we use when we speak to God are inadequate. This worry consumes our thoughts and makes it more difficult for us to feel close and connected to our heavenly father. If you feel this way about prayer, you can find encouragement in asking yourself: What is God’s prayer language?

We know the language we speak. We think and speak in that language every day. As a result we often assume that God speaks our language. But when we think this way it puts one of our own limitations onto our limitless God. For God is not limited to a single one of our human languages. He is fluent in all languages; past, present, and future.

What a relief! Our God of limitless languages means that we do not need to worry about the specific words we speak in prayer. So speak the words that come to you naturally. Try not to get caught up in finding the right words. Just be yourself with God in prayer.

You have searched me, Lordand you know me…Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely.
Psalm 139:1,4

You see, while God does listen to the words from our mouth, He listens closer to the openness of our heart. He interacts with us on a deeper level than just our words. He perceives our motivations, intentions, and feelings from where our words come. Sometimes we try to use words that cover up how we are really feeling. Sometimes words don’t seem enough to express how we feel. Sometimes we feel like others might think less of us for the words we use. But in all situations we can take courage from the truth: that in God’s prayer language, our words are secondary and our heart is primary.

Kingdom Warriors, next time you pray, let the words flow freely from your heart. You don’t need to be eloquent, nor articulate, or impressive. God just wants to hear the voice of your heart.


One thought on “God’s Prayer Language

  1. Thanks Andrew, I will let it come natural more. The truth is sometimes, I have so much to say when I want to pray but the holy spirit leads me to only 3prayer points and when I round up, it’s almost as if I have said a million words. I learned to listen more to him than I try to have my way. God bless you for this

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