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Becoming a Prayer Warrior: Part 3 – Know God is Able

At Easter, Jesus showed us the most important step in becoming a prayer warrior when he prayed the words “not my will, but yours”.


Abundant Adventure: Boy Meets Girl

It is hard to believe it has been a whole year. So much has happened, so much has changed. It has been a journey, a journey of abundant adventure! One short year ago I stepped out into a world of the unknown, nervous yet also faithful in God’s direction. The day before I jumped onto…

Abundant Adventure

I shut down my computer. I had finalised all my work tasks, finished the reports, replied to all the emails, tidied my desk, and set my out of office reply. Yet when all was complete, a strange sense of unease crept over me. I would not be back at my desk for two months. When…

That Guy

There is that guy again. He is always standing in the doorway. Always right in my way. It’s a doorway, I’m supposed to walk through it, doesn’t he know that? Ha! oh, I think he knows  it! In fact I know that he knows I want to get through that door. It’s in the way…